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Company History


Milano & Grunloh Engineers, LLC started in Central Illinois as a Civil Engineering Firm providing surveying, design engineering, construction engineering and material testing services. Much of the early work was in sanitary sewage collection systems and treatment facilities design and inspection with major funding by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Over the years the forces have shifted to water supply, treatment and distribution systems, along with surveying, streets, and sewers.


We also work closely with aerial mapping and controls. In addition, we manage Lake Sara Area Water Cooperative, Inc., a rural water system that serves 1,200+ customers. We have also provided design, layout, permitting and inspection of 3,000+ miles of water main serving 10,000+ rural customers for EJ Water Corporation.


Employees utilize state-of-the-art drafting and surveying equipment, computer billing, and word processing, on which they receive ongoing training to further improve our services. All of our testing, including soils and material, nuclear density and cylinder testing, are done in-house by skilled personnel. The firm currently employees fifteen full-time employees and two seasonal employees. Of the employees, two are Professional Engineers, two are Professional Land Surveyors, two are Certified Water Operators in responsible charge, and one is a Class K (Industrial) Wastewater Treatment Works Operator.



Trimble VRS NOW Service


IL_MGEF is the Milano & Grunloh CORS Station, with the Trimble VRS NOW Network.  The VRS Network insures consistent performance and quality GPS data throughout Illinois.  The VRS Network allows Milano & Grunloh personnel to be performing sub-centimeter GPS surveys within minutes of arriving at a site or location.



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