Milano and Grunloh Engineers, LLC is a locally owned and operated consulting company, providing complete Civil Engineering, Construction and Surveying Services to Effingham County and the surrounding areas since 1979.

Our services include Illinois Professional Engineering and Land Surveying, as well as, complete Civil, Municipal, Transportation and Environmental Engineering Services. We also provide a broad range of construction layout, testing and surveying services. Our greatest asset is our ability to work closely with our clients throughout the project and to develop long term relationships with those clients.

We take pride in being a local company employing local people, while working together with our clients as a team.

Milano & Grunloh Engineers is a local Professional Engineering Company that can provide planning and engineering to assist in building your project. Milano & Grunloh Engineers uses its expertise and experience to assist you in completing your project on-time and in-budget.

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You have had the property surveyed and know exactly where the boundaries lie.  As you stand there overlooking the property you can envision the development so clearly in your mind that you can almost touch it.  A building here, a smattering of trees, and parking over there.  The big question is, can that vision become a reality?  It’s time to develop a site plan.

A site plan is a bird’s eye view of the property, drawn to scale, and representing the arrangement of building, parking, drives, landscaping and other structures that are part of the property development.  The site plan determines if the planned development will fit within the constraints of the property and gives the developer site layout options.  Site plans can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Property lines
  • Outlines of exiting structures
  • Distance between buildings
  • Building setbacks
  • Parking lots
  • Driveways
  • Surrounding streets
  • Landscaping
  • Easements
  • Sign location
  • Utilities


In most cases, once a developer decides on a site plan it will need to be reviewed by Municipal, County, and/or State Officials.  Officials will determine if the scope of the development falls within requirements set forth by ordinances, building code, and zoning.  They will also take into consideration how the development will affect surrounding traffic, noise levels, the air space above, and the  adjoining properties.  Once your site plan has been approved by the appropriate Officials, you can then apply for permitting and start construction.

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