Milano and Grunloh Engineers, LLC is a locally owned and operated consulting company, providing complete Civil Engineering, Construction and Surveying Services to Effingham County and the surrounding areas since 1979.

Our services include Illinois Professional Engineering and Land Surveying, as well as, complete Civil, Municipal, Transportation and Environmental Engineering Services. We also provide a broad range of construction layout, testing and surveying services. Our greatest asset is our ability to work closely with our clients throughout the project and to develop long term relationships with those clients.

We take pride in being a local company employing local people, while working together with our clients as a team.

Milano & Grunloh Engineers is a local Professional Engineering Company that can provide planning and engineering to assist in building your project. Milano & Grunloh Engineers uses its expertise and experience to assist you in completing your project on-time and in-budget.

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The most common reasons for requesting a survey are:

  • Building,
  • Selling and Buying,
  • Boundary Disputes,
  • Construction of Fences,
  • Subdivision Development, etc.


A basic survey will identify the boundary lines of your property and may also  include a legal description.  However surveys can reveal much more about a piece of property, such as:

  • Determining if any discrepancies exist between the boundaries of adjoining properties, and to identify any gores, overlaps, and gaps.
  • Identifying any existing right-of-ways, easements, and abandoned roads associated with the property.
  • Identifying any visible or surface water such as ponds, rivers, creeks, streams, wells, and lakes.
  • Identifying the existence of any joint driveways, party walls, rights-of-support, encroachments, overhangs, or projections.
  • Certifying that the existing buildings, improvements, alterations, and repairs to your property are (or are not) in violation of any applicable laws and other restrictions such as those regarding height, bulk, dimension, frontage, building lines, set-backs, and parking.
  • Identifying and locating the existing underground utilities and the rights reserved by or restriction enforced by the utility owners and municipalities.
  • Determining if any family burial plots or old cemeteries are located on the property.
  • Identifying if any specific use/purpose access or ingress/egress exist on the property.
  • Determining if the property meets zoning requirements.


There are also many different types of surveys, depending upon the requestors needs.  Three of the most common types of surveys are:

A boundary survey will determine the property lines and  define the corners of a parcel described in a deed.  It also depicts the extent of easements and/or encroachments, and any limitations to the property as imposed by state or local regulations.

A topographical survey will identify and map the contours of the surface of the parcel and any existing features or structures on the surface or slightly above or below the     surface.

An ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey or ALTA/NSPS Land Title  Survey is a boundary survey that shows improvement, easements, right-of-ways and other elements impacting the land ownership, having been prepared within a set of minimum standards set forth by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping or the National Society of Professional Surveyors and adopted by the American Land Title Association.

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