New Water Tower - Village of Findlay

The Village of Findlay’s water tower had become dilapidated and had exceeded its useful life, resulting in a health and safety risk to the residents.  In 2017 the Village was awarded a $450,000 DCEO CDBG Grant which was leveraged with $150,000 in local funds for a total project cost of $600,000.  The Grant monies were used to construct a new water tower, watermain, hydrants, and other related costs to address the aging infrastructure.  Phoenix Fabricators was the contractor for the water tower replacement and the Village was the contractor for the watermain, hydrants, and appurtenances.  The project was completed in the Fall of 2018.

Milano & Grunloh Engineers, LLC prepared the grant application, and provided grant administration, design engineering, and construction engineering for the   project. 



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