Village of Newton - Sidewalk Beautification

The City of Newton secured an approximately $1 million ITEP Grant through the Illinois Department of Transportation.  The City leveraged this grant with $333,000 in City Funds to construct handicap ramps, detectable warnings, replacement of sidewalks which have excessive cross and longitudinal slope, removal of “double curbs” adjacent to existing sidewalks and other pedestrian friendly amenities.   In addition, lighting was constructed throughout the  project which will aid pedestrian’s visibility at night.  The project was constructed around the Square and along the west side of Van Buren Street to Water Street. 

Milano & Grunloh Engineers, LLC helped the City of Newton secure the ITEP Funding and completed all engineering for the project.  Since the project is located along busy State Highways, it is   almost certain to “catch the eye” of some travelers and encourage them to stop and explore the City of Newton and thereby provide economic benefits to the area by increasing local tourism. 


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